Fresh Chef Adds 4th Charlotte Area Store in Matthews

David Tschirhart

David Tshirhart Specializing in the Restaurant Tenant Rerpresentation

Mel Funk and Brad Blumer are proud to announce their latest addition to the Fresh Chef family.  Their latest venture, located at located at 15080 Idlewild Road in Matthews joins their line up of stores in Cornelius, Mooresville and Charlotte’s Cotswold neighborhood. “Fresh food is where it’s at. I believe people are tired of paying the prices they pay for frozen prepared food that honestly tastes like cardboard,” stated Mel Funk in an interview with Jennifer Thomas of the Charlotte Business Journal.   The lineup features salads, wraps pasta dishes and entrees. Other menu items like sandwiches feature burgers, chicken, fish, vegetables and sides featuring white cheddar grits, kale salad, burgundy mushrooms or cilantro rice.
The Matthews restaurant is hiring and looks to add up to 50 full- and part-time jobs, including hostesses, bartenders, chefs and dishwashers.Interested applicants can call (704) 628-5179.
David Tschirhart with Legacy Real Estate Advisorsr has represented Fresh Chef in their multiple lease transactions in the Charlotte Market and they look forward to continued growth in the area.